Maquette is presenting you an elegant mockup of new laptop as a part of isometric collection. It can be easily used for creating presentations or prototypes as well as for portfolio demonstration. We keep on following the fast growing requirements of the market . That’s why our team has reached the revolutionary quality of mockups, looking photorealistic like never before and retaining a great variety of tuning for all product details. You’ll feel all advantages of our mockup immediately just during the design process that takes few minutes.

New macbook pro PSD isometric Mockup

Smart-objects for each product detail

We notably appreciate your time! Therefore we developed separate smart-objects for each mockup detail to make any adjustment of your corporative identity user-friendly. Models creation for final products was never so simple and stylish at once. If you’d like to change design of mockup object, just paste the chosen image to compliant layer and press “Save”.

New laptop PSD isometric Mockup

Use Isometric textures

You can use any textures by turning them in an isometric view. Help grid is included. Let’s get maximum usability! Device is placed on a transparent layer and fully isolated from background. It’s a good way to use the mockup in absolutely different purposes.

New laptop PSD isometric Mockup

Photorealistic reflections on light and dark background

Depending on the background used, you can choose the type of reflection on the object, which gives a high level of realism on the image.

New macbook PSD isometric Mockup

Totally editable background

No exceptions! Mockup background is easily editable and now you can choose and apply identity colors depending on your preferences and certainly use the mockup in different projects. Styling now takes less time and we give you three free variants of background as well.

New macbook PSD isometric Mockup

Many different compositions

In isometric projection, you can create any composition to fill the image, as well as to present a series of designs.

New Mac Book Pro PSD isometric Mockup

High Resolution

While creating mockups, we use 3d modeling and visualization. That helps us to save the texture of material, size and shape of light and shadows. That is why mockups look so photo-realistic giving you true tactile sensation. The quality of our mockup is enough for using in all types of presentations as A3 size catalogues, billboards, interior printing, media and, of course, web content. Full optimization for last generation of 5K displays is also available.

New notebook PSD isometric Mockup

True isometric projection

You isometric projection, you can combine a large number of objects in one scene. Use our additional mockups with other items to fill your scene with life and variety. You can find it in our website.


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