Maquette is presenting you an elegant mockup of Catalogue A4 Landscape Mockup as a part of Print Materials Mockup Collection. It can be easily used for creating presentations or prototypes as well as for portfolio demonstration. “Print Materials” collection contains plenty of various catalogues and magazines, brochures and lookbooks and other print materials. This collection is intended for designers who are engaged in graphic design, print, branding and other industries. We keep on following the fast growing requirements of the market. That’s why our team has reached the revolutionary quality of mockups, looking photorealistic like never before and retaining a great variety of tuning for all product details. You’ll feel all advantages of our mockup immediately just during the design process that takes few minutes.

Catalogue A4 Landscape Mock up, Catalog A4 Landscape PSD Mockup Template, Catalogue A4 Landscape PSD Mockup

Smart-objects for each product detail

We notably appreciate your time! Therefore we developed separate smart-objects for each mockup detail to make any adjustment of your corporative identity user-friendly. Models creation for final products was never so simple and stylish at once. If you’d like to change design of mockup object, just paste the chosen image to compliant layer and press “Save”.

Catalogue A4 Landscape Mock up free, Catalog A4 Landscape PSD Template free

Totally editable background

No exceptions! Mockup background is a smart object as well and you can easily choose and apply identity colours depending on your preferences and certainly use the mockup in different projects. Styling now takes little time while background keeps its structure, texture and all the shadows, so it looks absolutely natural.

Catalogue A4 Landscape PSD Mockup, Catalog A4 Landscape PSD Template

High Resolution

While creating mockups, we use the best equipment – photo camera and optics of high-end class and professional studio lighting. That helps us to save the texture of material, size and shape of light and shadows. That is why mockups look so photo-realistic giving you true tactile sensation. The quality of our mockup is enough for using in all types of presentations as A3 size catalogues, billboards, interior printing, media and, of course, web content. Full optimization for last generation of 5K displays is also available.

Catalog A4 Landscape with embossing effect mockup, Catalogue A4 Landscape with embossing PSD template

Realistic embossing effect

Blind embossing effect is now available not only in modern printing houses, but can be real-time used in our mockups. Feel the volume and depth of embossing and natural shadows!

Catalogue A4 Landscape with Silver hot foil stamping effect mockup, Catalogue A4 Landscape with Silver hot foil stamping PSD template

Realistic Silver Hot-foil Stamping Effect

We improved silver hot–foil stamping effect and made it much more realistic. All light adjustments are now combined in a single layer that essentially saves time.

Catalogue A4 Landscape with Gold hot foil stamping effect mockup, Catalogue A4 Landscape with hot foil stamping PSD template, Catalog A4 Landscape Mockup free

Realistic Gold and Color Hot-foil Stamping Effect

First and foremost we care for the products quality that we create. Our professional team knows all the niceties of printing and postprinting processes from A to Z. We consider all the features of paper texture and technique of symbols application while producing each imitating layer based on physics laws. We’ve tested how the light covers embossment material in our studio that helped us to achieve absolutely photo realism. We’ve updated hot-foil stamping effect as well and combined all light adjustments in a single layer to save your time. Foil color can be easily changed – just choose adjustment layer color. Additional color correction layer makes color choosing superfast.

Catalogue A4 Landscape with gold embossing effect mockup, Catalogue A4 Landscape PSD template

Realistic Gold Embossing effect

All imitation layers with gold embossing effects are being developed based on real lighting conditions. You’ll at once know how the final product with post production can look like. Gold Embossing Effect is also upgraded specially for this collection. Any packaging text or logo will now look more natural. Spare foil color tuning few seconds and you’ll achieve incredible packaging design results.

Catalogue A4 Landscape with UV Coating effect mockup, Catalogue A4 Landscape PSD Template

Realistic UV Coating effect

Catalogue A4 Landscape Mockup has gained one more absolutely new print-house effect. UV Coating Effect is often used in packaging design to make its look more interesting. This effect gives us a beautiful spot glossy at matte surface.

Different Colors and Adobe Photoshop actions of a Catalogue A4 Landscape mockup,  Bright Colors and Adobe Photoshop actions of a Catalog A4 Landscape mockup

Style your image with Maquette actions

We understand the importance of developing a special unrepeatable style for each collection and have good news for you! 4 actions are available in each mockup for free! No need to look for necessary mockups in one unique style. Each collection subject will have the same style, chosen by you.


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