1. Extract Maquette Actions.atn file from *.zip file with our mockup.
  2. Open Maquette Actions.atn file with Adobe Photoshop application.
  3. After your design is ready you must flatten the layers (Menu/Layer/Flatten image).
  4. Open Action tab and choose the necessary action from Maquette actions group.
  5. Click “Play selection” button.

Another way to load a Photoshop action is to use drag-and-drop with your mouse:

  1. Open Photoshop and open the folder that contains the Photoshop action set that you want to load, and position the two windows side-by-side (see screenshot below).
  2. Click the action file (the one ending in “.atn”) and while holding down the mouse button, drag the action to the Photoshop window. If you need to load style files, you can drag them in the same way.
  3. Release the mouse button. You will now find the action in Photoshop’s Actions palette.

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