1. Open the group named «Objects» and choose subgroup named «Design».
  2. Mockup can contain different products, please select the appropriate group of layers in subfolder «Design» with the product name you need. E.g. the example mockup contains a business card. So, if you’d like to place design on it, select layers group named «Business Card» and make sure it’s visible.
  3. Select layer named “Place Your Design” of chosen subgroup. For your comfort the name of this layer also contains actual size of the product that was measured in millimeters.
  4. Double click on smart object thumbnail.
  5. The window with smart object will open. Create new layer (Menu/Layer /New/ Layer) and just Drag & Drop your design upon the layer. Make sure that image fits the size of a smart object. If it doesn’t, please, use any transform tool (usually Menu/ Edit/Free Transform) to make design fit the smart object. Keep primary aspect ratio.
  6. Click «Save» from menu (or use cmd+S (mac) or ctrl+S (pc)).
  7. Return to window with your mockup. Design of the product will change in few seconds.

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